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Robotics in Hospitality - HN world panel live l 13 April 2021

Robotics in Hospitality - HN world panel live l 13 April 2021

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Watch this on-demand video recording from the HN world panel live TECHNOLOGY session we streamed live on Linkedin and Youtube, Wednesday, 13th March 2021.

Are Robots coming to a hotel near you?

That's the question the audience discussed with these expert panelists:

  • Max Starkov, Hospitality & Online Travel Tech Consultant

  • Kathryn Murphy, Owner at The Murphy Dublin 

  • Micah Green, Founder, CEO & President at Maidbot

A recent University of Houston report on robots in hospitality claims that by 2030 over a quarter of hospitality jobs will be replaced by robots. Will robots ever replace all humans in hospitality? Next-gen technology will undoubtedly replace mundane, repetitive, and dangerous jobs in hospitality performed by housekeepers, porters and baggage handlers, concierges, security guards, line cooks, room service, bartenders, waiters, etc. Some hoteliers claim that hospitality is an industry of "people serving people" and robots will be playing only a marginal role. Others, citing the high labor costs which constitute as much as 50%-84% of overall hotel costs in these low travel demand, low occupancies era, predict that robots will replace humans in all dangerous, repetitive and mundane jobs at the property.

The question is, are robots coming to a hotel near you anytime soon?


If you prefer tuning in to the podcast version of the session, find it here. Find the original live stream video including all comments and questions from the community as well, here.

The HN world panel live TECHNOLOGY sessions are a joint project of Hospitality Net and, and are co-hosted by André Baljeu and Henri Roelings.

Resources mentioned during the session

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