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Video | Digital Identities in Hospitality

Video | Digital Identities in Hospitality

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The hospitality industry has recognized the significance of digital identities in recent times. This refers to the personal data collection, storage, and analysis by hotels and other businesses in the sector. The main aim of digital identities is to offer guests a personalized experience by utilizing their data to provide customized services and products. 

To create digital identities in the hospitality industry, guest data is gathered from various sources. This includes personal details like name, age, gender, and contact information, along with behavioural data like preferences, past stays, and purchasing history. By analyzing this data, hotels can develop unique guest profiles that offer valuable insights into each guest's preferences, behaviour, and requirements.

Eric Reece (Cendyn) joins host André Baljeu ( to discuss some of the current trends and the business Benefits of Digital Identities.

Time Stamps

00:01 - Introduction

01:20 - Digital Identities in Hospitality

02:47 - Personalised Guest Experience

04:28 - Guest Considerations

04:58 - Digital Identity Convergence

06:26 - Current Use Cases

07:08 - Benefits

08:13 - Why Digital ID's Are Important

10:04 - Collecting & Analysing Data To Create Digital ID's

12:15 - Personalised Services Based On Digital ID's

14:56 - Conclusion

Eric Reece, Global Creative Director at Cendyn

Eric Reece leads the creative efforts for Cendyn’s entire client portfolio. He is responsible for ensuring the highest standard of excellence for all creative work across the company’s digital skill sets. Additionally, Eric provides design and strategic guidance for website projects to both internal and external stakeholders. Before joining Cendyn, Eric was the Creative Director for NextGuest Innovations Lab. He was also the Creative Director for Sabre Hospitality Solutions for eight years. Eric has extensive experience leading creative teams working with various national and international hotelier brands, including Marriot, Loews, Mandarin Oriental, Fontainebleau, Four Seasons, and Waldorf Astoria. Eric follows the philosophy that good design is obvious; great design is transparent.  

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