What aspects can traditional hotels, operators, and owners take from alternate accommodation providers' technology usage?

Alternate Accommodation providers such as Sonder, Airbnb, or limehome are using technology to maximize their operations with minimal staffing levels and still ensure a high standard of service.
Watch this video to learn more about areas within a hotel's operations that offer opportunities and some examples.

Time stamps

  • (01:13) - New Technologies & StartUps
  • (02:52) - Considerations - What questions to consider when getting started?
  • (04:23) - Examples of how contactless options can replace the more traditional ways of operating
  • (05:16) - Energy Management
  • (06:31) - Lightning Technology
  • (07:12) - Smart Maintenance
  • (07:51) - Guest Experiences
  • (08:42) - Takeaways

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