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Video | Robotic Process Automation

Video | Robotic Process Automation

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The hospitality industry is experiencing tremendous growth and increased competition in today's fast-paced business environment. To remain competitive, hotels and other hospitality businesses are turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enhance their operations and boost efficiency. RPA involves using software robots to automate repetitive and mundane tasks, freeing employees to focus on more valuable tasks requiring human skills, such as critical thinking, creativity, and empathy. This video will delve into the benefits of RPA in the hospitality industry, its potential impact on staffing, and how to introduce RPA without negatively affecting staff morale and daily operations. We will also discuss the pros and cons of RPA and explore the technical solutions and procurement methods for RPA.

Stephen Burke (RobosizeME) joins host André Baljeu ( to discuss how RPA is revolutionising the industry, highlighting the benefits and looking at some common misconceptions. 

Time Stamps

00:01 - Introduction

01:25 - Benefits of RPA

02:32 - RPA and Staff Morale

03:48 - Pros & Cons of RPA

04:20 - Tech Supporting RPA

05:18 - Procuring PRA

06:53 - Revolutionising Hospitality

11:20 - Key RPA Benefits

16:25 - Common RPA Misconceptions

22:03 - Conclusion

Stephen Burke
Founder of RobosizeME.

An experienced business and technology executive, Stephen is CEO and Founder of RobosizeME, providing all-inclusive process automation solutions to the hospitality industry.  In 2022, RobosizeME won the e20x Judge’s Award at HITEC in Orlando, USA, and was shortlisted for the Skift Idea Awards in the Business Outcomes.  The company provides process automation to hotel companies all over the world, including Louvre Hotels Group, Sircle Collection, CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa and Story Hospitality.  An authorised UiPath managed services partner, RobosizeME partners include Apaleo, Maestro PMS, Mews, Oracle Hospitality and Shiji Group.

Before RobosizeME, Stephen was co-founder of Sciant, a vertically focused software solutions provider serving Transportation & Logistics, and Travel & Hospitality sectors. Sciant won numerous awards, including being twice listed (2021, 2022)  in Financial Times 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe. Sirma Group Holdings acquired Sciant in November 2021.

Stephen is also an angel investor, having participated in several seed rounds for companies in Europe and US. For nearly three decades, Stephen has been associated with technology and e-commerce. He has spent more than 20 years designing and delivering solutions to the hospitality industry in large and mid-sized markets, gaming brands, and start-ups - employing his extensive knowledge and experience in product development, management and integration, business development, and consulting.

He is well experienced in start-ups, both bootstrapped and venture-backed. He has lived and worked extensively in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Poland, and the United States. He has delivered extended onsite projects in China, Japan, and Malaysia. Born and raised in rural northern Vermont, USA, he is passionate about the outdoors, skiing, high altitude trekking and cuisines from around the world.

Connect with Stephen on Linkedin. 

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