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S03E04 Part2: Mark Fancourt & Cheyne Cole | TRAVHOTECH & TestBedsVegas

S03E04 Part2: Mark Fancourt &  Cheyne Cole | TRAVHOTECH & TestBedsVegas

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The Aussie invasion of Cologne: André Baljeu and Daniel Zelling sat down with Mark Fancourt and Cheyne Cole during their Europe trip in May 2019.

Both are the Founders of TRAVHOTECH - Travel & Hospitality Technology Consultants and TESTBED.VEGAS - the travel & hospitality innovation community in Las Vegas. Mark and Cheyne bring a diverse range of experiences to our industry. In this second part of the interview we talk about the customer journey optimisation and personalisation of the booking experience in hospitality and travel, what's there to learn from big players such as Amazon, and travel brands such as easyjet alike, ancillary revenue generation in e-commerce, and what TRAVHOTECH and TESTBED.VEGAS are all about. 


0:16 - Customer Journey Optimization in the Hotel Industry

10:06 - TESTBED.VEGAS vs. TRAVHOTECH - what is it al about?

If you prefer tuning in to the podcast version of this episode find it here and on all the major podcast platforms.


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